Our Story

Girri Girra

Girri Girra is a 100% Aboriginal-owned business operating on the beautiful NSW Central Coast.

Our lore, language and connection to the land has sustained our culture for 65,000 years. We are dedicated to its continuation, by living it and sharing it.

Come on a journey of timeless stories, smoking ceremonies, cultural singing and dancing that will engage and educate participants.

You will see original engravings and rock carvings. You will hear their stories. You will feel the power of connecting with this beautiful country. And above all, you will share in the wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture.

Introducing Tim Selwyn

Cultural Educator

Throughout his life, Tim has been connected to his country and culture.

Tim honours the ancient lore of his people and the spirits of his ancestors through art and teaching.

His ancestral line comes from the Wongaibon people (Central West NSW), his Mother was born in Dubbo on Wiradjuri country and Tim was born in Gilgandra, on Wailwan country.

Few know the land upon which they grow like Tim and his people. Along with a network of experts in cultural dancing, singing, bush medicine and tucker, Girri Girra is committed to sharing this knowledge through firsthand experience, guiding people through this ancient country, its history and customs.

Tim and his network of experts can also bring artefacts, traditions, dance, song and stories to schools, workplaces and public events.

His Indigenous tools and instruments – shields, boomerangs and clapsticks – are handmade from Australian hardwood trees. An experience with Girri Girra provides an unique insight into the world’s oldest living culture.

Experiences We Offer

The experiences we offer can be tailored to meet your individual requirements

A visit from Tim

Tim has developed a range of on- site programs that deliver his knowledge and culture to schools, workplaces and public spaces.

Singing and Dancing

Watch traditional performances and gain a profound appreciation of the significance and meaning behind each song and dance.


Gain insight into the world’s oldest living culture as you listen to stories with personal, cultural and modern- day relevance.

Acknowledgment of Country & smoking ceremonies

Moving demonstrations of Indigenous culture that give official occasions and gatherings, both public and private, a deeper meaning and sense of occasion.

Ochre grinding and painting

Learn the ancient art of body painting with ochre. Participants will enjoy a first hand experience grinding the ochre and applying body paint.

Culturally-themed group activities

Special team building exercises that draw parallels to everyday life and require the group to combine creative efforts to produce something truly remarkable.

Tool Crafting

Learn to craft traditional tools and instruments including woven baskets and clap sticks, an experience that’s both educational and meditative.

Weddings and blessings

Tim and his team are available to perform marriage dances, smoking ceremonies and sing prayers for special occasions.

Cultural Awareness Education

Girri Girra’s programs will help to enrich participants’ cultural understanding and acceptance in the workplace.

Natural Art

Engage in a therapeutic session of natural art. Your busy mind will be calmed as you focus your attention on using natural materials to complete a creative task.

Our Partners

Girri Girra is proud to work with the following organisations:

Australia Walkabout Park

Eco Friendly

Girri Girra has legal and cultural approval to operate in National Parks, being accredited with a Parks Eco Pass from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

All Girri Girra tours and events are operated in a way that minimises our environmental footprint and leaves the natural environment in its original state.