Experiences We Offer

The experiences we offer can be tailored to meet your individual requirements

Guided bush walks

A journey onto this land is something to savour. Walk in the footsteps of Australia’s first people and feel their living connection to the 21st century.


A visit from Tim

Tim has developed a range of on- site programs that deliver his knowledge and culture to schools, workplaces and public spaces.

Overnight camping

The ultimate immersive cultural experience, a sleep-out in a remote area that very few people are lucky enough to discover. Enjoy guided bushwalks, smoking ceremonies, cultural singing, dancing and storytelling under the stars and more.


Singing and Dancing

Watch traditional performances and gain a profound appreciation of the significance and meaning behind each song and dance.


Gain insight into the world’s oldest living culture as you listen to stories with personal, cultural and modern- day relevance.

Acknowledgment of Country & smoking ceremonies

Moving demonstrations of Indigenous culture that give official occasions and gatherings, both public and private, a deeper meaning and sense of occasion.

Ochre grinding and painting

Learn the ancient art of body painting with ochre. Participants will enjoy a first hand experience grinding the ochre and applying body paint.

Culturally-themed group activities

Special team building exercises that draw parallels to everyday life and require the group to combine creative efforts to produce something truly remarkable.

Tool Crafting

Learn to craft traditional tools and instruments including woven baskets and clap sticks, an experience that’s both educational and meditative.

Weddings and blessings

Tim and his team are available to perform marriage dances, smoking ceremonies and sing prayers for special occasions.

Cultural Awareness Education

Girri Girra’s programs will help to enrich participants’ cultural understanding and acceptance in the workplace.

Natural Art

Engage in a therapeutic session of natural art. Your busy mind will be calmed as you focus your attention on using natural materials to complete a creative task.