Educational School Programs

There’s no better way to learn than firsthand experience.



Sharing culture and knowledge is extremely important to Tim and the team at Girri Girra. If traditions are not passed on, they will not survive.

A school excursion onto the land is a learning experience that simply can’t be delivered in the classroom.

Walking among the trees or standing on the beach with the sand between their toes, students will understand why a connection to country is such an important part of traditional Australian culture.

Girri Girra’s education programs can be tailored to suit children of all ages, from pre-schoolers to high school seniors. His programs also cater to many Stage One, Two and Three History and Geography Learning Outcomes.

Some of the experiences that we offer include:

      • Acknowledgement to Country
      • Smoking ceremonies
      • Cultural singing and dancing
      • Aboriginal knowledge and storytelling
      • Cultural awareness education
      • Bush tucker
      • Tool crafting
      • Ochre grinding and body painting
      • Natural Art